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Knee Pain Treatment from our Sioux City Chiropractor

Knee pain is affecting an increasing number of Americans. Part of the reason is that issues with being overweight or obese are at higher rates than ever. However, there are numerous possible contributing factors to knee pain. The knee is an extremely complex joint with a high potential for injury. Our team here at Multicare Health Clinic can help you find relief from your knee pain. Causes of Knee Injury Treatment begins by first determining the exact knee pain causes and then formulate an ideal treatment plan for your specific condition and health goals. Some of the most common causes of knee injury and knee pain include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sports injury
  • Repetitive use injury
  • Work injury
  • Improper form

In addition to these direct and specific causes of knee pain, it can also be an indirect result of spinal subluxation. When the back and spine become unbalanced, this can radiate out to other areas of the body. For example, even a subtle misalignment of the spine can cause the hips and pelvis to track differently, which can then cause the knees to function in an unbalanced way. This can result in tears in the ligaments or other tissues of the knee. Types of Treatment

The knee joint is complex and relies on the optimal functioning of its muscles and ligaments for stability. It is comprised of the tibio-femoral joint (between lower leg and thigh) and patello-femoral joint (between thigh and knee cap). There are two ring shaped cartilage discs as well. Fortunately, effective knee pain relief is available. Once precise knee pain causes are determined, knee pain treatment can be designed to address your specific type of knee pain. The chiropractic approach to treating knee pain includes:

  • Reducing pain (ice, sports tape, bracing)
  • Determining the exact nature of the tissue tears
  • Determine precise causes of the knee aggravation
  • Chiropractic adjustment and spinal manipulation as appropriate

In addition to manual manipulation, we may do adjustments using state of the art tools to increase precision and results. Adjustments to adjacent joints and to the knee itself may assist in restoring optimal tracking and functioning. Additional modalities that can bring healing and relief for knee pain include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Exercises
  • Acupuncture
  • Trigger-point therapy

Exercises and physical therapy as part of knee pain treatment allow for improvements in strength, tracking, mobility, endurance, balance, flexibility and stability. With the increase in these qualities, the risk of additional injury down the road is significantly reduced.

Get In Touch With Our Sioux City Chiropractor to Relieve Your Knee Pain Chiropractic care focuses on the functioning of the spine and its relationship with the nervous system and the rest of the body. Since 2002, Sioux City's Multicare Health Clinic has brought the very best in chiropractic treatment for knee pain and issues of the back, neck and spine. Our state of the art clinic is home to expert chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists and physical therapists to bring you relief from knee pain no matter what the cause. Contact us today by calling (712) 276-4325.



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  • "There couldn't be a better physical therapy team in Siouxland! Not only did my knee feel so much better after six weeks, but I feel like I made new friends."
    Karla K.
  • "Being able to present my back pain to three different professions in one place and knowing that they are working together to make me better is very comforting."
    Charlie P.
  • "After my knee surgery I was asked where I wanted to do my physical therapy, I chose Multicare Health Clinic and I'm so glad I did! Dr. Steve and the therapy assistants (Sara and Megan) are fabulous! They know what they're doing and they all really seemed to care about my recovery. I'm feeling fantastic! I'll definitely go back again whenever I need therapy or adjustments."
    Sheri J.
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    Ellen E.
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    Anna A.
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    Lisa L.
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    Belinda B
  • "I leave here feeling confident that I have the resources to manage my pain and live normally, and that's priceless."
    Alycen V.
  • "I wasn't able to use my hand the way I should. After working with Dr. Sneller and the physical therapy team, I can use my hand again."
    Henry H.
  • "After an accident at work I didn't think I'd ever get relief from my aching shoulder. But, the doctors at Multicare gave me adjustments and physical therapy and now I feel normal again."
    Cliff C.
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    Gino G.
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    Jill L.
  • "I now can go a full week without pain and headaches."
    Luke W.
  • "I wasn't able to use my hand the way I should. After working with Dr. Sneller and the physical therapy team, I can use my hand again."
    Ivy I.
  • "At night my right hand would go painfully numb at least 2-3 times where I could not sleep. Now, I don't have that pain and can get a full night sleep."
    Janet D.
  • "My shoulder and neck feel so much better. I now have the knowledge, motivation, desire and tools to keep up the exercises."
    Barb B.