Have you ever found yourself twisting in your seat to reach your computer keyboard? Or do you find that your lower back aches when you drive? Your body needs your guidance to insure that it’s functioning in a healthy environment. Ergonomics is the applied science of design that evaluates your body’s position in any given workspace or situation, such as driving a car. Proper ergonomics will allow your body to function efficiently, without strain, and can reduce fatigue and discomfort. Although we understand that you can’t always control your environment, you would be surprised at the numerous ways you can ergonomically improve both your living and working space. In this section, we will show you various ways to make your car, home and work environment more ergonomically friendly.We will offer suggestions that will make your life more comfortable and less stressful. But it's important to recognize that even the most ergonomically friendly environment will not prevent repetitive stress injuries if the body is simply overworked. Ergonomics may be applied to the following facets of your life:

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What Can It Do For You?

People have been turning to chiropractic health care for over a century. They have sought treatment for a wide variety of ailments, from migraines to heel pain. The following is a brief summary of circumstances where chiropractic is an appropriate health-care choice. More...

Conditions We Treat
Headaches / Migraines Carpal Tunnel
Low Back Pain Work Injuries
Neck Pain Plantar Fascitis
Auto Accidents Fibromyalgia
Arm / Leg Tingling Sciatica
Disc Problems Sports Injuries
Whiplash Arthritis

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